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This Glossary of Technical Terms, believed to be the industry's first of its kind, is constructed from review of more than 10,000 definitions for over 3000 terms from nearly 100 public sources, which are then interpreted by J LYMAN INDUSTRIES, INC. for relevance to Tack Cloth. Terms and Definitions offered here are expected to spawn discussion among the professional community, and this Glossary will be refined and expanded accordingly over time. Questions, comments and corrections are welcome at .

ADHESION 1. The degree of attachment between two surfaces which are held together by interfacial forces which may consist of valence forces or interlocking action. 2. A chemical or mechanical bond produced between a pressure sensitive adhesive and a surface (substrate). The act or state of adhering. Adhesion should not be confused with Cohesion. In Tack Cloths...the degree of attachment, by chemical or mechanical bond, between the Tack Cloth and contaminant particles (dirt, dust, lint, etc.).

COHESION 1. The union of the particles of one substance by means of primary and secondary valence forces observed in the tendency of the substance to stick to itself. The internal affinity of a material to itself by attraction of molecular particles toward each other. The propensity of a single substance to adhere to itself. The force holding a single substance together. The ability to resist partition of itself. 2. As applied to an adhesive, cohesion exists when the particles of an adhesive (or the adherend) are held together. The ability of the adhesive to resist splitting (good cohesion is necessary for clean removal). The ability of a coating to hold together. In Tack Cloth...the internal bond strength of the 'tackifier' treatment; its ability to resist transfer from the cloth.

QUICK STICK (wet tack; finger tack; initial adhesion; wet grab) The property of a pressure sensitive adhesive that allows it to adhere to a surface under very light pressure. It is determined by the ability of the adhesive to quickly wet the surface contacted. In Tack Cloths...the property of the 'tackifier' treatment to adhere to a contaminant particle (dirt, dust, lint, etc.) upon contact, or under very light pressure, as determined by the ability of the tackifier treatment to quickly wet the particle.

TACK (tackiness) 1. A term applied to the state or property of tending to adhere, the relative stickiness of an adhesive film, the resistance offered by an adhesive film to division of the adhesive surface, or the resistance offered by the adhesive (while in the plastic state) to removal of the adherends. 2. That property of an adhesive which results in a bond of considerable strength immediately after application and contact under low pressure. In Tack Cloths...the relative "stickiness" of a 'tackifier' treatment, not easily measurable, but a combined function of Quick Stick (wet tack et al), Adhesion and Cohesion.

TACK CLOTH (tack rag) A specialized type of wiping cloth that is treated with a 'tacky' material (tackifier), and designed to remove loose particles of dust, dirt and lint which would otherwise contaminate a surface that is to be painted, coated, laminated, photoetched, or otherwise prepared for some finishing process. be continued

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