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Unique Experience & Expertise in Tack Cloth

John Lyman, principal of J LYMAN INDUSTRIES, INC. (JLI), counts more than thirty years of dedication to the business of tack cloths -- most notably in his prior role of assisting a major manufacturer in the design, production and support of the industry's widest variety and highest quality of professional tack cloth products. This experience provides JLI with a broad knowledge of industrial contamination control, and a specific expertise in tack treatment chemistries, cloth textile types and specialized processes that are required to produce superior tack cloth.

This expertise and a spirit of innovation led Mr. Lyman, working through the manufacturer, to introduce in 1988 the industry's first warp-knitted monofilament polyester (a.k.a "lint free") fabric used in Tack cloth. That was soon followed by Mr. Lyman's introduction of laser cutting to the industry (c.1992) to seal the end cuts on these new "synthetic" Tack Cloths, and later his introduction of a system (c.1995) now commonly used by the industry to automate and improve seal cutting of lint-free synthetic Tack Cloths. The incorporation of both polyester warp knits and sealed cutting has since become required of nearly all Tack Cloths used in US auto assembly plants -- and both features have thus been adopted by most of the major US Tack Cloth manufacturers. Mr. Lyman also formulated what is believed to be the industry's first (c.1993) truly "antistatic" hot-melt tackifier that could actually be demonstrated to meet an independent performance standard (NPFA 99). Through the 1980s and early 1990s Mr. Lyman promoted the superiority of hot-melt tackifier systems over the more common solvent-borne (VOC) systems that were then widely used in, and subsequently eliminated by, the US automotive industry. Along with representatives of the major US auto manufacturers and other industry professionals, Mr. Lyman participated in development of the Institute for Environmental Sciences and Technologies "Recommended Practices" for Contamination Control Considerations for Paint-Spray Applications ( IEST-RP-CC029.1 © 1999 IEST ).

In helping over these many years to shepherd the Tack Cloth industry through its evolution from a "rag" business to one of technically "engineered wipes", and in helping to coax various surface prep industries along in adoption of the "clean technique", Mr. Lyman is now positioned through J LYMAN INDUSTRIES to bring this unique combination of personal experience, technical expertise and professional reputation for Tack Cloth to e-commerce and the Internet.

IT IS OUR MISSION to provide an unmatched level of product variety, quality and economy in Tack Cloth; to offer uniquely skilled service and support for Tack Cloth; to help improve industry standards and practices in Tack Cloth; to develop new technical information about Tack Cloth -- some published here for the first time; to spur innovation and to further apply these values to other products and applications that may be related to Tack Cloth. Your questions, comments, and suggestions are always welcome at

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